In parallel with his in-depth work on standards in trio, Pierre de Bethmann is returning to writing for small groups, around three main ideas:
- a new reflection on musical forms, with all types of rhythmic, harmonic or melodic sophistications
- a renewed fluidity of the collective playing, the piano still thought as a central element, swing first as always
- an ever stronger emphasis on the soloist's expression, carried by the depth of his now long artistic relationship with saxophonist David El Malek.

Thus formed in the prolongation of his "ilium" formations of the years 2000, and even more of his quartet GO (album to be reissued in 2023), the new repertoire of this new quartet, created in the Petit Duc of Aix en Provence, is likely to be toured in France and abroad, and recorded for the label ALÉA, henceforth producer of all the Pierre de Bethmann's projects.

Upcoming gigs

Previous gigs

Thu 7 July 2022ThionvilleFestival JazzPote
Fri 13 May 2022
Sat 14 May 2022
Tue 23 November 2021
Wed 24 November 2021
Tue 18 May 2021Aix en ProvenceLe Petit Duc
Wed 4 December 2013NantesPannonica
Tue 3 December 2013ParisSunside-Sunset
Sat 20 July 2013MontpellierThéâtre d'O
Thu 27 June 2013WolfisheimFestival
Fri 29 March 2013Rennes19.88
Tue 29 January 2013ParisSunside-Sunset
Tue 11 December 2012Cergy PontoiseThéâtre des Arts
Fri 16 November 2012StrasbourgClub TJP
Thu 15 November 2012MarseilleCri du Port
Thu 11 October 2012
Sat 13 October 2012

Current musicians

Pierre de Bethmann p, kb
David El-Malek ts
Simon Tailleu b
Antoine Paganotti dms


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