Piano, rhodes, effects and keyboards, original repertoire and outstannding soloists

While continuig the trio, following the Medium Ensemble, Pierre de Bethmann starts the ilium project again.

The three main ideas remain the same : piano or rhodes + keyboards or effets, original challenging compositions, and a stable ensemble made of outstanding soloists, including David El Malek, who now stands as a major reference in the contemporary jazz scene.

First in a 4tet fomat, and eventually larger ones further on, a brand new program will be played once a trimester at the Sunside (Paris) along next saison 2021-22, while all previous albums of the project will be progressively re-released on label ALEA.

Upcoming gigs

Previous gigs

Tue 23 November 2021
Wed 24 November 2021
Tue 18 May 2021Aix en ProvenceLe Petit Duc
Wed 4 December 2013NantesPannonica
Tue 3 December 2013ParisSunside-Sunset
Sat 20 July 2013MontpellierThéâtre d'O
Thu 27 June 2013WolfisheimFestival
Fri 29 March 2013Rennes19.88
Tue 29 January 2013ParisSunside-Sunset
Tue 11 December 2012Cergy PontoiseThéâtre des Arts
Fri 16 November 2012StrasbourgClub TJP
Thu 15 November 2012MarseilleCri du Port
Thu 11 October 2012
Sat 13 October 2012
© Didier Péron

Current musicians

Pierre de Bethmann p, kb
David El-Malek ts
Simon Tailleu b
Antoine Paganotti dms


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