Pierre de Bethmann 5tet

[ilium 1 & 2]

ilium is Pierre de Bethmann's next step as a leader after Prysm.

Originally a 5tet based on the sound of the Rhodes piano, with an acoustic instrumentation, and carried by outstanding musicians, all of them from the heart of today’s Parisian musical scene.

A completely original repertoire, specifically composed for this group and constantly rearranged in the last two years, while the group has given more than 30 concerts before recording in April 2002.

ilium recorded two albums - 2003 and 2005.

... and later turned into a 7tet


Complexe cover
2005, Les Disques Deluxe
Ilium cover
2003, Effendi

Upcoming gigs


2003 - P2B 5tet - K.I.S.S. / Live au Sunset
2003 - P2B 5tet - K.I.S.S. / Live au Sunset

Previous gigs


Franck Agulhon dms
Vincent Artaud b
Pierre de Bethmann rhodes
David El-Malek ts
Michael Felberbaum g