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Chaud-Froid / About a solo experience at Hélène Dumez'2022-11-20

Perhaps this is how the world has become: delightful in many ways, terrifying in others, objectively too hot for all, subjectively very cold for some. Not so easy to chase away sad passions in favor of happy ones.

So when you can settle down in a very special place, breathe, place your hands on a little marvel, play, know that you are being listened to by caring and loving ears, let yourself be guided, hesitate, smile at your frailties, stop, start again, continue, dig a little bit more, and serenely decide to finish, more or less happy with what you have done, while wishing, without suffering too much, to do much better the next time. ... then you say to ourself that some encounters transform an inner world, and that you must share it with the outside world.

Thank you Hélène for this divine moment, you who know so well how to cool fears to warm hearts.

/ Summer 2022

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