The quartet as a complete world, driven by a singular writing style and intense collective practice, two primary ideas for facing up with a smile to a post-pandemic world, its uncertainties, its violence, and despite everything perhaps also its promises.

The story began with the very first moments of new-found freedom after the first lockdown, when Pierre de Bethmann and Antoine Paganotti rediscovered themselves as neighbors on the occasion of multiple duo sessions. It naturally continued with Simon Tailleu, long-standing member of the Medium Ensemble, and David El Malek, long-time partner, whose tenor saxophone playing has now established himself as one of the strongest voices in contemporary European jazz.

With the group thus formed, and after a few initial concerts, first online and then live in Aix-en-Provence (Petit Duc), then in Paris (Sunside) and elsewhere, Aléa reissued the album GO last June, originally released in 2012 on the Plus Loin label, as a prelude to a project once again centered on compositional work for a small combo. Which led the four musicians to studio Ferber (Paris) in February 2023, for a new graceful moment, as two recording days produced two new albums.

A brand new repertoire, made up of more or less expected forms, more or less controllable melodic lines, more or less complex harmonies and rhythms... to be played, again and again. A simple credo for four artists, united by their love of a now century-old culture as much as by their faith in a possible future, together above all.

Perhaps also to mock a little our post-modern fatigue, and continue to believe in shareable music, which would allow to celebrate mystery of existence all the better for its ability to heal a few wounds.


Spring 2023: reissue of GO, originally released in 2012 by Nocturne / Plus Loin
January 2024: release of CREDO
End 2024: forthcoming release of AGAPE


Pierre de Bethmann was born in 1965 in Boulogne-Billancourt. He has co-led the Prysm trio (four albums for Blue Note), led the ilium and Medium Ensemble projects (seven albums for Aléa), currently leads this new quartet around original compositions, a trio around standards (five volumes in the form of "Essais" for Aléa), and co-leads the PianoForte project. He has won the Grand Prix Jazz de l'Académie Charles Cros 2016, the Victoires du Jazz 2008 (Oui, album of the year), the Prix Django Reinhardt 2004 (French Musician of the Year), the Django d'Or 1998 (Prysm, ensemble of the year), and First Prize at the Concours de La Défense 1994. Since 2008, he has taught at the CNSMDP (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris), and has been a Steinway Artist since 2023.


Credo cover
2024, ALEA
Go cover
2012, ALEA

Upcoming gigs

Sat 29 June 2024PuypérouxRespire Jazz
Thu 4 July 2024Saint OmerSaint Omer Jaaz Festival
Tue 23 July 2024ParisSunside-Sunset
Fri 22 November 2024Val d'OiseJazz au Fil de l'Oise


P2B 4tet /// Greens
P2B 4tet /// Greens
P2B 4tet /// Credo Teaser
P2B 4tet /// Credo Teaser
P2B 4tet /// Credo Pre-Teaser
P2B 4tet /// Credo Pre-Teaser
P2B 4tet /// Go (teaser)
P2B 4tet /// Go (teaser)
P2B 4tet /// PFH
P2B 4tet /// PFH

Previous gigs

Sat 17 February 2024LursL'Osons Jazz Club
Fri 9 February 2024
Sat 10 February 2024
Thu 20 July 2023ParisSunside-Sunset
Fri 13 January 2023Aix en ProvenceLe Petit Duc
Sat 15 October 2022Lagny sur MarneFestival Automne Jazz
Thu 7 July 2022ThionvilleFestival JazzPote
Fri 13 May 2022
Sat 14 May 2022
Tue 23 November 2021
Wed 24 November 2021
Tue 18 May 2021Aix en ProvenceLe Petit Duc
Wed 4 December 2013NantesPannonica
Tue 3 December 2013ParisSunside-Sunset
Sat 20 July 2013MontpellierThéâtre d'O
Thu 27 June 2013WolfisheimFestival
Fri 29 March 2013Rennes19.88
Tue 29 January 2013ParisSunside-Sunset
Tue 11 December 2012Cergy PontoiseThéâtre des Arts
Fri 16 November 2012StrasbourgClub TJP
Thu 15 November 2012MarseilleCri du Port
Thu 11 October 2012
Sat 13 October 2012
© Simon Tailleu

Current musicians

Pierre de Bethmann p, kb
David El Malek ts
Simon Tailleu b
Antoine Paganotti dms


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